Though the purpose this website is primarily to provide information about Mercer families from Kennoway in Fife, there are many Mercer families who have Scottish connections but no link with Kennoway. These are dealt with in this section of the website.

One of the most interesting stories is the Story of the Mercer Millions, an elusive (or illusory) fortune talked about in many Mercer families.

This table provides an overview of some of the Mercer families and their trees.



Family Tree Named Relatives Generations Dates Keywords
Aleumus de Meser 2 2 1190-1261 Tillicoultry Clackmannanshire
“Joymar” 38 4 1809-1973 Saline Fife Clackmannanshire Australia Smeaton Cousins
Mercers of Perth 19 1200-1914 Aldie, Baleve, Balleif, Clevage, Forgandenny, Germany, Gorthy, Huntingtower, Innerpeffray, Meikleour, Perth, Pitteuchar, Potterhill, Australia, India, Tasmania
“Merpen” 18 4 1722-1943 Perthshire Kincardineshire Stirlingshire Australia
Linda Temple 166 9 1747- Dunfermline Inverkeithing
Brig.Gen.Hugh Mercer 26 9 1476- Pitsligo, Pennsylvania, Mercersburg, Frederiksburg, Trenton, Princeton.

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