Malcolm, Jim and AlanIn the menu on the right headed Kennoway Mercer Trees are the names of Mercers who lived in Kennoway at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries and who are thought to have been siblings or closely related. By clicking on a name you will reach a page which leads to the full family history of the individual concerned.

The five family histories can be searched (individually or as a whole) and the details of individuals or family groups can be viewed. There are also a variety of reports and charts that can be produced for each family tree.

The connection between the five trees is as yet unproven but a strong case can be made for assuming kinship of some kind. An article which demonstrates the probable link between Andrew Mercer, David Mercer (the Jim Mercer tree), Thomas Mercer (the Holt/Glass tree), Euphan Mercer and George Mercer can be found on the Kennoway Mercer Origins page.

The menu headed Other Scottish Mercers includes another Mercer with Kennoway connections (the Rev. Robert Mercer) but his relationship, if any, to the supposed siblings is unclear. Mercer families who have Scottish connections but no link with Kennoway are also listed in this menu.
Kennoway Mercers

Tree Named Individuals Generations Families Most Common Surnames
Andrew Mercertree statistics 10 2 1

Mercer (9)

David Mercertree statistics 96 9 30

Mercer (49) Wishart (10)

Euphan Mercertree statistics 10 2 1 Williamson (9)
George Mercertree statistics 9 2 1 Mercer (8)
Thomas Mercertree statistics 197 9 49

Mercer (67) Peggie (17) Scott (9) Doig (9) Cassel (8) Cowan (8)

Rev Robert Mercer See Mercers of Perth with whom he connects.

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