Aleumus de Meser of Tillicoultry

Born circa 1190, Aleumus was party, along with 23 other Knights and Nobles, to a Bond given by Alexander II to Henry II on 19/Nov/1244 to keep the peace.

We know that he died prior to June 1261 because on 19/Jun/1261, his son (also Aleumus) resigned into the hands of King Alexander III, the lands of Tillicoultry granted to his late father.

Aleumus the younger then embarked upon mercantile pursuits in Europe and is supposed to have been Treasurer to the Scottish Crusaders under the Earls of Carrick and Athol in 1271.

(Note: alternate spelling of Aleumus – Aleumnus.)

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    Can anyone advise the Importance ( or otherwise) of Meikleour as a seat of Mercer Clan.
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