George was the son of George Mercer and his wife, Mary Inglis. George (senior) was born 16 Oct 1696 in Balgowan, Perthshire, Scotland, where he became a master mason. He left Perth in 1718 and relocated to London, England where he became a J.P. in Westminster and was employed on Ordnance works. He died 4th May 1776 in Marylebone.

Painting of George Mercer.
George Mercer (1723-1799)


George’s father had worked closely with local Scottish architect James Gibbs and together they had developed Great Titchfield Street and other nearby areas. Son George became a mason, like his father, and was apprenticed to Walter Lee. In 1763 he became a master mason and much later, in 1791, became Father of the Company of Masons. He donated the ceremonial mace that is still in use.

George had brothers John and William and sisters Mary and Margaret. John’s son William was a Blackwell Hall factor as well as a dealer in cloth in the central market in London. William (senior) was captain of an East India ship. Sister Mary married Scotsman Andrew Douglas, a wine merchant and later, paymaster of the Royal Navy. Margaret married another Scotsman, James Colhoun, an eminent shoemaker.

In 1751 George married Elizabeth Pratt, daughter of Joseph Pratt, Master Bricklayer to His Majesties Works. They had 6 children: Elizabeth 1752, George 1754, Joseph 1755, James 1756, Douglas 1757 and Thomas 1759. Thomas and his mother died shortly after his birth and were buried together on 2 June 1759 at St. Marylebone church.

George’s brother John, mentioned above, married Elizabeth Powell on 27th Sep 1757. He was a physician and died in Lisbon in 1764. They had 3 children: William, born 1759, Mary and Elizabeth. William married Margaret Warren and they had 7 children: William born 1789, George (went to America 1829), Margaret married Frank Dawson R.A. and died a widow in Brighton in 1889 aged 99. Elizabeth married Rev. R Davies and died a widow in 1860. Alexander married 1st Mrs. Smith and 2nd Georgina Corfield. He was a Col. in the Indian army and died in 1852. John born 1799 died in China in 1845. Thomas Warren (Rev) born 1797 married Sarah Camell, 1819. He was Vicar of Northallerton and died 24th Dec 1876.

William (above) born 1789, married Frances Mary Georgiana Gray, the daughter of Charles Gordon Gray (who owned land in Jamaica) and Frances Hughes, in England in 1814. They had 2 sons, Charles Alexander and George and a daughter Frances.  His wife died in 1850 and he died in 1882 at the age of 93.

Charles Alexander born 1817 had 10 children including Charles William born 1847.  Charles William married Ellen Grace Chittock in 1875. They had 7 children including a son Guy Mercer MC born 1876 (the last of the male line when he died in 1945) and daughter Elizabeth Christiana (1881-1973), who was the owner of the China tea service carrying the Mercer crest.

The Gret Pule crest.
Elizabeth Christiana’s cup.


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George Mercer, Master Stone Mason

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