Glossary of Scots terms used in this website

b born
baron member of the lowest order of the nobility
barony domain or rank of a baron
brevet a document entitling a military officer to hold a higher rank temporarily
canon 1. general law, rule, principle or criterion.
2. church decree or law
3. member of a cathedral chapter
charter document granting rights, issued esp. by a sovereign or legislature
d died
Dominus Sir (Latin) signifying knighthood.
d.s.p. decessit sine prole (Latin: died without issue)
escheat 1. reversion of property to the State etc, in the absence of legal heirs.
2. property so affected
impignorate to pledge, pawn or mortgage
infeft Land-holding in Scotland was feudal, i.e. there was an overlord or superior and his vassal. Each time land changed hands, permission had to be obtained from the superior in the form of a ‘precept‘ (letter). The letter was then shown to the ‘bailie‘ (official) of the particular lands who then gave title to the new owner. This took place on the actual property, where the new owner was given a handful of earth and stone or if in a burgh, took hold of the handle of the door and thereby became ‘infeft‘ or ‘seised‘ in the property. An Instrument of Sasine was then recorded in the Register of the county in which the land lay.
m married
Mercer Family Tree “The Mercer Pedigree” compiled “from various sources” by Major William Lindsay Mercer of Huntingtower (1858-1926.) It is the most extensive and detailed of all the various records that we have available to us. The fact that we give it as a reference source does not however, guarantee that it is necessarily accurate. Only that it is the source of the information.
Palatine having local authority that belongs elsewhere only to a sovereign.
relict widow
seneschal steward of a medieval great house
s.p. sine prole (Latin: without issue)
tailzie a
tenement apartment within a building containing other apartments
terce the right (under Scots Law) of a widow who has not accepted any special provision to a liferent of one-third of the heritage in which her husband died infeft.)

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