Mercer Coat of Arms

Welcome to Mercer Millions – the website about Mercer families from Scotland. If you have visited here before you will notice some changes to the way the website is organised. The menus on the right give access to a variety of pages about Scottish Mercers and other relevant topics, menu items with a number in brackets can be expanded to reveal further options. If you wish to see more detail about the redevelopment you can read about this website, rest assured that all of the content from before has been retained.

The site contains a number of Scottish Mercer family trees, the Kennoway Mercers consists of a number of families historically based around the Kennoway area, we also have other Scottish Mercer family trees, notably the Mercers of Perth and a sub-dynasty – the Mercers of Clevage. A fuller explanation of these family trees is given in the Other Scottish Mercers page.

Many young Mercers grew up with the legend of the Mercer Millions. It tells the story of Andrew Mercer, a business man who died in Toronto in 1871, leaving a sizeable fortune. You can find the fascinating story here.

If you are looking for a particular person or family in the Kennoway trees, you might navigate to any of the Kennoway Mercer family trees and try the search function, you can search any or all of the trees. If you are looking for information about a place, expand the Library menu and navigate to the Fife Gazeteer page. To search for anything other than Kennoway Mercers try the search box on this page.

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