This website has existed in one form or another since 2003, originally created by Alan Glass with research assistance from Jim Mercer. The tools used to create the site have fallen by the wayside – updating the site became difficult and there was none of the community interaction available on modern websites.  After some discussion we’ve agreed on some modern tools for redevelopment of the website, namely WordPress for the bulk of the website and webtrees for the five Kennoway Mercer trees.

The majority of pages on the website accomodate comments by visitors, to prevent comment spam the first comment left by any visitor must be approved by an administrator, so please bear with us, your comment will be approved as soon as possible. After approval of your first comment, subsequent comments will be automatically approved.

The webtrees software used for the Kennoway Mercer trees has a security feature that hides the details of living persons from viewing by visitors not logged-in. If you see any individual named “Private” this means that the software is hiding that individual’s details. The software also allows updating of the family trees by visitors who are logged-in, if you wish to add or correct information shown there you can request a user account for the family trees software. Any updates need approval by an administrator before becoming visible to all.

This new version of the website contains all of the information previously present and will allow us to add new information more easily and allow interaction with the Mercers of the world. We hope you like it.


Technical information

As well as WordPress and webtrees the following tools have been used, these are freely available open-source tools for which we thank the developers (all these links open in a new window):

CMS Tree Page View Cookie Control
Fast Secure Contact Form Footer Stuff
Google Analytics for WordPress Hackadelic Sliding Notes
JQuery Accordion Menu Widget Lightbox Plus
OIK Plugins (including cookie-cat and privacy policy) Optimize DB
Revision Control Share Buttons by Lockerz / AddToAny
Spam Free WordPress WordPress SEO (by Yoast)
WP Super Cache

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