There are no Parish Records for the years 1655 to 1690 so we have no knowledge of when our ancestors first arrived in the Parish of Kennoway.

Other than the Rev. Robert Mercer, I have found no other Mercers mentioned in Kennoway before 27th January 1693, when Euphan Mercer was married to Andrew Williamson. Eight years later on 23rd July 1701, Andrew Mercer married Elizabeth Adamson. The following year on 6th November 1702 David Mercer and Margret Paterson were married. Thomas Mercer and Christian Miller were married on 29th November 1710 and George Mercer and Janet Paton were married on 8th December 1710.

I believe that these people were probably four brothers and a sister or at least closely related. The reason I believe that, is that a check of the names of the witnesses at the baptism of the children of these couples shows that they are all witnesses for each other, e.g:

October 19, 1711. Andrew, son lawful to George Mercer and Janet Paton in this Parish was baptised. Witnesses Andrew Inglis and David Mercer. 

In the case of Euphan Mercer it will be seen that her spouse, Andrew Williamson, witnessed the baptism of John Mercer, son of Andrew Mercer and Elizabeth Adamson.

For the names of all of the witnesses, please refer to the Baptism Witnesses Page.

The name most frequently occurring as a baptism witness is that of John Mercer. Who was he? Their father? Another brother? His name appears nowhere else in the Parish Records so he will probably remain a mystery.


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