The Chronicle of Fife is a valuable resource for Fife researchers and is held at the National Library of Scotland.

The chronicle is the diary of John Lamont, from 1649 to 1672, edited by Archibald Constable and printed in 1810. The identity of John Lamont was addressed in an edition of the Fife Family History Society (FFHS) journal in Dec 2003.

At the beginning of the chronicle the editor states that the author was “John Lamont of Newton, parish of Kennoway, Factor to family of Lundin of Lundin”, however the FFHS journal casts doubt on this, citing evidence that this John Lamont was born in 1661 and therefore could not have written the diary.

According to the FFHS article, the most likely candidate for authorship of the diary is the son of Rev. Thomas Lamont of Scoonie. Only two of the original three volumes have survived.

Our research was to do with Rev. Robert Mercer of Kennoway. However we have taken a record of all Mercers mentioned in the diary, so there is also mention of Mercer of Aldie and a “Lo. Coll Mercer”. This research was undertaken in March 2004.
Comments in grey text are added by the researcher.

Chronicle of Fife, being the diary of John Lamont (1649-1672.)


Mercer of Adie, 279
Mercer, lieutenant-colonel, 101
Mercer, Mr. Robert, 52 64 114 128 145 147 157 197 229

1652, Jun 21
Mr. Thomas Hogge, minister of Kennoway, in Fife, depairted out of this life, att his house ther, and was interred 24 Jun. att the said church. Mr. Robert Mercer did succeid to him, Jan 27 1653
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1653, Jan 27
Mr. Robert Mercer, chaplain to the Lord Cranstone, was admitted minister of Kennochie, by the presbetrie of Kirkaldie; he did succeid to Mr. Thomas Hogge. Some months after, he maried ……..(sic) Cranstone, the Lady Cranstons gentellwoman.
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1654, Nov.
This month ther was a party of Middeltons forces taken by the English, upon the braes of Angus, they being pursewed thrie dayes, the snow being thicke; namelie, the Lord Kinnoule, Lord Didope, Charles Arskine, Kellies brother, Lo. Coll. Mercer, and 16 more officers and 62 souldiers. At this time we do not know the identity of “Lo. Coll Mercer.”
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1655, Agust 8th
The presbetrie of Kirkaldie met att Sconie, which day Mr. Robert Mercer, minister of Kennochie, preached; his text was 2.Cor.1.12. Mr. Fredricke Carmichaell, minister of Merkinshe, was moderator. After he had prayed, the moderator demanded of Mr. Alex. Moncriefe, minister of Sconie, the names of his elders; which he delivered in writte, which were called upon by ther names. He told that the custome in visitations was, to try if the elders had ought to object or say against ther minister, and his doctrine; and, on the contrar, to sie what the minister had to say against his elders, and how he was satisfied with them. After this the minister and elders were removed.
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1657, Oct 24
Elisone Cranstone, Mr. Robert Mercer, minister of Kynnowhe, in Fyfe, his wife, depairted out of this life, (she died shortly after she was brought to bed of hir birth), and was interred at the said church the 26 of Oct. in the day time. About ane houre after hir interment the child was baptised by Mr. Alex Moncriefe, minister of Sconie.
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1659, Apryll 28
Mr. Robert Mercer, minister of Kennochie, to his second wyfe, maried Eupham Dury, Robert Dury, of Newton-Easter, his second daughter; the mariage feast stood att hir fathers house, in the Newton. Hir towcher was 3000 markes. During his parent in law, ther life, he was to have only, out of Newton, ane hundreth markes Scots yearly; after ther death, he was to have the Newton if it should happen him to have any cheldren with this his wyfe, he paying out of the same 4000 markes, viz. 3000 markes to the aires of Hary Weyms of Condlanc, in Fyfe, and ane 1000 merkes to Els. Dury, the said Roberts eldest daughter; bot if no cheldren, the said Newton was to returne, after the said Mr. Roberts death, to the nearest aires of the said Robert Dury, viz. top Walter Law, his cheldren with Margret Dury, his youngest daughter, Lady Condland. Mr Fredricke Carmichaell, minister of Merkinshe, did mary the said pairties.
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1659, July 31
The communion was given att Largo, by Mr. James Makgill, minister ther; Mr. Robert Mercer, minister of Kennochie, preached at the preparation, his text Esa.55.7 (More preachers and texts here.) Also that Sabath night, and on Moneday, ther was a terribell tempest of rayne and wynde, so that bot a few were abell to come to the Moneday exercise, because the waters were not rydabell. In Lowthian, divers persons had mutch of ther corne sanded, by breaking foorth of the water, especially those upon the Water of Leith.
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1660, July 29
The communion was given att Largo, by Mr. James Magill, minister ther; on Saturnsday Mr. Robert Mercer, minister of Kenowy, preached, his text was Joh.7.37
also on p157 and related to the convoluted dowry arrangements of 1659, Apryll 28, as follows
1660 – Mr. Patrick Weyms, minister of Abetsaa, in Fyfe, bought the lands of Easter Condland from Mr. Johne Patersone, regent in St. Leonards College, who maried Margret Weyms, the apparent aire therof; it stood him about seven thousand markes only, because he was to abide Margret Durys life rent of it, Walter Laws wife, in Easter-Newton. The said Patricks wife depairted out of this life in 1662.
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1662, Oct 26
Thomas Fotheringame, in Dury, maried Agnes Weilkie, Espet Durys dawghter in Kennoway; the mariage feast stood att Kennoway, in hir mothers house. They were maried by Mr. Johne Ramsay, minister of Scony, and not by Mr. Robert Mercer, minister of Kennochie; for about the very same time, Mr. Robert resolved to lay downe his charge of the ministrie, bot did itt not. About the end of An. 1664, the said Thomas brake, being one that played the merchant in some commodities, and durst not be seine.
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1665, Augt 27
The communion was given at Scony by Mr. John Ramsay, minister ther; he himself preached the preparation sermon the day before, viz. Ps.41.4. Also he himself preached the Sabath, in the fornone, his text being Rev.3.20.; Mr. Robert Mercer, m. of Kennochie, in the afternone, his text was Math.26.41. Att this time ther was 8 tabells served in all; the last being bot some few, namelie, 3 by the said Mr. John, and 5 by the said Mr. Robert. The Ps.103. was sung att the serveing of the tabells, and the money was gathered by the elders while the peopell satt att the tabell, and the tickets by the elders also as the peopell went to sitt downe att tabell. And on Moneday, Mr. John Andersone, m. of Dysert, did preach his text was Esa.66.2 about the midest of the verse, “To this man I will look,” &c. (Remember, that on the forsaid Sabath, in the morning, about 7 houres, ther was a great thunder, with a continuall raine; and the Sabath before, the communion was given at Kennochie, by Mr. Robert Mercer, m. ther; Mr. Jo Nairn, m. of the Weyms preaching on Saterday, himselfe on the Sabath in the forenoone, and ………..(sic); and on Monday, Mr. John Ramsay, m. att Scony, had sermon.)
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1670, Feb.
Mercer of Aday died at London, being att court, and was brought home, and his corpse landed at Kirkaldie; and was carried from thence by coach to Pearth, and interred ther. This is Sir James Mercer of Aldie who was married to Jean Stewart. Our records give the date of his death as 1671 but it was still 1670 in the old calendar.
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Further research undertaken while at NLS. Register of Privy Council of Scotland
3rd series, vol XV 1690 p166
The Lords of His Majesty Privy Council haveing heard a petitione given in to them by the Lady Aldie craveing a voluntar contributione and collectione in the shyres of Fyfe and Pearth for building a bridge on the confynes of Fife and Pearth, they leave the consideratione of the said petitione to the Parliament.


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