William Drummond Mercer

16/Oct/1796: Born at Benares, Bengal, India.
1813: Ensign in 70th Foot.
18/May/1815: Went to Canada as Lieutenant.
1820: Exchanged to 3rd D.Gs.
12/Jun/1823: Captain 3rd D.Gs. Served with them in Ireland.
19/Sep/1826: Major (unattached.)
08/Jul/1836: Major 16th Light Dragoons. Joined them in India.
Mar/1838: Sold out. Went to Australia with his cousin George Dempster Mercer and settled at Geelong.
1841: Came home and presented to Lord Stanley the first petitionĀ for the separation of Australia Felix (now Victoria) from New South Wales.
1846: Returned to Australia and had a sheep run of 55,000 acres at Kannoalla on the Wannon River in partnership with his nephew Robert Lockhart.
1850: Member of Legislative Council of N.S.W. for Melbourne
1851: After the gold rush began he came home by the Pacific, South America, Panama, Mexico, and North America.

Anne Elliot Mercer

b:08/Mar/1816. d:27/Aug/1881.
Eldest daughter of George Mercer of Gorthy.

Jun/1853: William married his cousin, Anne Mercer.
  • Anna Graeme Mercer (b:25/Sep/1854 in Edinburgh. Died unmarried 1892)
  • William Lindsay Mercer of Huntingtower. (b:23/Apr/1858 in Edinburgh. Major in the 19th Regiment. Spouse: Ellen Lister. d.s.p. On his death the male line of the family passed to his cousin, Laurence Mercer of Gorthy.)

William and Anne lived chiefly in Edinburgh until 1864 when they bought Huntingtower. William died there on 18/Aug/1871 and is buried at Tibbermore.

One thought on “William Drummond Mercer

  • 14/July/2015 at 9:30 am

    Re: W.D. Mercer

    A couple of updates for you:

    1. He actually left India in late 1837 and went to Van Diemens Land first (arriving there in 1838) with his cousin – George Duncan Mercer. Note that George Dempster is his uncle and George Duncan’s father.
    2. In September 1838 he then made his way to Geelong, via Sydney.



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