Born 04/Jul/1764.

Graeme entered Bengal Service as Assistant Surgeon. He was East India Company’s Resident at Scindiah’s Court, Secretary to the Marquis of Wallesley in India and accompanied Lord Lake as a Diplomatic Agent.

He died (unmarried) at Mavisbank on 06/Oct/1841 and is buried at Lasswade.

Mentioned in relation to a James more...

With these remarks we judge it necessary to premise a notice of Lieutenant-Colonel Tod, of the Honourable East India Company’s Service, and their political agent in the Western Rajpoot states. He was born in Scotland about the year 1782; but in what district, or of what parentage, we are unable to ascertain. In March, 1800, he went to India, being then only in his eighteenth. year, and obtained a commission in the second Bengal European regiment. Although he commenced his career thus early, he appears to have arrived in India an unbefriended adventurer; for, instead of waiting for promotion like his brother officers, who had patronage to back their merits, he volunteered for the Molucca Isles, was transferred to the marine service on board the Mornington, and afterwards, to use his own expression, “ran the gauntlet from Calcutta to Hurdwar.” In the course of this run, however, he not only escaped the dangers that crossed it, but reached the starting-place of a new and better career. At the close of 1805, when he was nothing more than a subaltern in the subsidiary force at Gwalior, an embassy was to be sent, at the close of the Mahratta war, to Sindhia, at that time encamped at Mewar, in Rajpootana. Tod’s friend, Mr. Graeme Mercer, was sent as ambassador on this occasion, while Tod himself was to accompany him as assistant. The country of Rajast’han, of which it formed a part, was thenceforth to be the “home of his adoption,” as he affectionately called it, and the place to which the best part of his life was to be enthusiastically and usefully devoted.

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  • 13/November/2019 at 10:15 pm

    Graeme Mercer was my 4th great uncle and whilst he died unmarried he fathered many children. You can see his progeny on my public tree on Ancestry , Mercer of Aldie. He fathered Thomas Grame in 1800 in India, mother unknown. In 1813 he fathered William Mercer Wilson. William was given the surname of Mercer but later became Mercer Wilson, taking his mother’s surname as his own. Graeme then went on to father at least another eight children with Elizabeth Lowrie who claimed that she was his wife and took him to court where the claim was thrown out. Many of these children emigrated to Canada, West Ontario and can be seen staying with each other on the censuses. In his will Graeme mentions lands held in the districts of Walpole and Walsingham on or near lake Eerie in Upper Canada.

    • 14/November/2019 at 4:30 pm

      Thank you for your information. Your post has been approved

    • 21/February/2020 at 1:35 pm

      William Mercer Wilson was my great, great grandfather. My great, great grandmother was Susan Grace Codner.
      Their daughter, Edith Emily Wilson married Frederic Stanley Scofield in Canada and then emigrated to Australia.
      I would like to find out more information in particular about Frederic Stanley Scofield or any information you have that may be of interest to me.

      Kind regards
      Janice Lawson

    • 7/January/2021 at 6:55 pm

      I am curious about Major William D. Mercer as I believe he arrived in Walpole Township, Upper Canada with his nephew William Mercer Wilson in 1832. Major Mercer, his nephew William Mercer Wilson and Geoffrey Brock Hall were all on the same ship, the John Jay. William Mercer Wilson’s sister Ann married Geoffrey Brock Hall in 1841.

      Did Major Mercer stay in Upper Canada or move on to another country? And when did Ann Mercer arrived in Upper Canada?

      • 9/January/2021 at 9:30 pm

        Dear Dawn, Graeme Mercer of Mavisbank was the father of many illegitimate children. William Wilson Mercer was one such. William did indeed emigrate to Canada in 1832 and settled in Walpole township., Nanticoke in what is now Haldimand County. You asked about his uncle Maj. William D Mercer. Graeme Mercer did have a brother William (middle initial not known) but he died in 1801 after a duel with Hon. Andrew Ramsay, so could not be the uncle who went to Canada in 1832. Graeme had a nephew William Drummond Mercer who is recorded as having gone to Canada so perhaps it was him. What do you want to know about him?

        • 23/January/2021 at 2:58 pm

          Actually I am writing, or have almost completed, a biography of Thomas Need, pioneer in Verulam Township and Bobcaygeon founder. Mercer and Wilson were on his ship the John Jay when they sailed to Canada in 1832. Later in the summer Thomas Need, and Geoffrey Brock Hall who sailed with Need and a life long friend, met up with Mercer and Wilson and spent the night under the stars probably. And then all of a sudden, Ann Mercer married Geoffrey Brock Hall. So under what circumstances did Ann travel to Upper Canada, and her brother Lawrence? An early history of Haldimand County suggests that there were several ex-military men who did not fit all that well with pioneering. Was William D. Mercer one of them? Or did he return to Scotland? So he is the nephew of Graeme Mercer.

          • 25/January/2021 at 4:54 pm

            All we know of William Drummond Mercer can be found under Mercers of Perth, “Gen. 14”. As you will see he did not remain in Canada. In fact our records indicate that he went to Canada in 1815. It is possible that he went again in 1832 but we have no record of that. William Mercer Wilson can be found under “Gen 13”. He did remain in Canada and Claire Winfrey’s post provides additional information on him. Please feel free to add any other information that you may have. I am told that he has descendants now living in the USA.

      • 23/January/2021 at 2:46 pm

        I too am curious about William D. Mercer, aged 33 when he sailed on the John Jay to New York, and eventually to Upper Canada. Yes, William Mercer Wilson’s sister Ann of Waveney Cottage married Geoffrey Brock Hall in 1842 and in the 1851 census there is an Eliza Mercer living with the Hall family. And a Lawrence Mercer, of Waveney Cottage married in 1845.

        So William Mercer Wilson,
        Ann (eldest daughter of Graeme Mercer)
        Lawrence Mercer
        Elizabeth Mercer , possibly

        are all brothers and sisters of Graeme Mercer

        But I know nothing about William D.Mercer. Did he remain in Upper Canada?


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