William Mercer of Pitteuchar, Douglies and Potterhill, Sheriff Substitute of Perthshire

William Mercer

Mercer armour - present

William was born 01/Oct/1717.
He was apprenticed to John Mercer, Sheriff Clerk and became Sheriff Substitute of Perth
He married Elizabeth Swan on 1st November, 1746.
He purchased Easter, Wester, Middle and Abbots Douglies in 1753. He succeeded to Pitteuchar on death of his brother James in 1756 and had a Charter of Potterhill from the Earl of Kinnoull on 16/Apr/1768. He sold Pitteuchar to Oliphant & Rossie in 1782.
William died on 16/Jan/1785 and is buried at Kinnoull.

Elizabeth Swan

Royal Stuart armor

Elizabeth was born 20/May/1726.
Her father was George Swan, who, it is has been claimed, was the illegitimate son of King Charles II.
Family legend has it that when George asked why Charles had not ennobled him, as he had his other children, the King replied, “I did not dare to make a deuck (Scotch for “duck”) of him, but I made a nobler bird.” We are unable to substantiate the story but it is mentioned in the “Mercer Family Tree” created by Major William Lindsay Mercer of Huntingtower, Perth. 1858 – 1926.
Elizabeth died in 1790 and is buried at Kinnoull.

William  and Elizabeth had the following children:

  • Ann Mercer (b:17/Oct/1748. m:22/Dec/1790. d:20/Mar/1824. Buried at Lasswade. Spouse: Patrick Duncan of Damside. d.s.p.)
  • Margaret Mercer (b:02/Mar/1750. Unmarried.)
  • Laurence James Mercer (b:10/Jan/1752.He worked in Bengal Civil Service where he was described as “The Upright Judge.”¬† Laurence succeeded to Potterhill on the death of his father in 1785. He died at Burdwan on 20/Aug/1791 and is buried there. Unmarried.)
  • James Mercer (b:03/Aug/1755. Died 1756.)
  • William Mercer b:08/Jan/1755. d:03/Aug/1801.)
  • James Francis Mercer (b:28/Aug/1756. d:26/Apr/1809. Lt. Col. 22nd Regiment.
  • Spouse: Clarinda O’Grady of Dublin. d.s.p.)
  • Hannah Mercer (b:15/Jun/1758. d:1796. Unmarried.)
  • George Mercer (b:20/Sep/1760. Died 1760.)
  • Graeme Mercer (b:08/Jul/1762. Died young.)
  • Graeme Mercer (b:04/Jul/1764. d:06/Oct/1841.)
  • John Mercer (b:13/Sep/1766. Lieutenant of Marines. Died April/1794 from the effects of a wound received at Guadaloupe. Unmarried.)
  • Thomas Mercer (b:16/Jun/1769. d:15/Aug/1833. Buried at Kinnoull. He was engaged in mercantile pursuits in Bengal, India. Unmarried.)
  • George Dempster Mercer of Gorthy (b:21/Jul/1772. d:07/Dec/1858)


6 thoughts on “William Mercer of Pitteuchar

  • 9/February/2015 at 11:54 pm

    I have an image of an original handwritten document apparently written by a descendant of William Mercer HEIC that corroborates some of the information in your first paragraph. Perhaps the source is the same as yours. I will send a copy if you send email address. I am indirectly related to Louisa Mercer b 1798 in India, wife of Alexander Brodie, brother of John Buchan Brodie who is my direct ancestor. I also have other Mercer docs that may be of interest. I am not actually researching Mercers but the history is so compelling I got caught up in it in filling out my own tree.

    • 24/September/2016 at 10:13 am

      According to my records William Mercer 1755-1801 was my gt gt grandfather’s elder brother, George. From William descended the Huntingtower line, which died out and the estate passed to my father, Laurence Walter Mercer . William’s sister, Louisa married (23/2/1819) Alexander Brodie, manager of the Bank of Scotland, Stirling . I would be interested to know more about this, i.e. your Brodie family, It seems that they had no children. I assume that they lived in Stirling. I live in London and Scotland and have a well researched tree produced after 1862, since my grandfather born that year
      is the last entry. You may be interested to know that the sister of Elizabeth Swan, Hannah published an autobiography under her married name of Robertson, It is currently available in paperback.

      • 25/August/2018 at 9:45 pm

        I see I didn’t follow up on replies to my 2015 posts. Anyone who is looking to share information on ancestry of Alexander Brodie (in Stirling) (1784-1865) , married to Louisa Mercer (1798-1881) please have a look at my personal website and contact me directly by email.

    • 4/October/2017 at 10:45 am

      Hi John,
      As I am 3ggson of William mercer of Pittaucher, I wouyls very moch apptreciate any info you may wish to share regarding the Mercers of Aldie.. Thanking you in anticipation.

      • 31/August/2018 at 3:12 am

        Sorry Jim, I have no information on your line of Mercers. My only connection is through marriage of Louisa Mercer to Alexander Brodie. Hoping others can assist you …

    • 19/October/2020 at 8:08 pm

      Hi John,
      I suspect that I have in my possession the original of the handwritten document to which you refer, be very interested to see if they are the same. I would also be most grateful for sight of any other docs relating to the Mercer family. I am transcribing the letters of Louisa’s father William to his family back in Perth and will send you copy if you are interested?
      Kind regards, Claire Winfrey, nee Mercer


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