Laurence Mercer

Mercer armour - present
Laurence was born c.1657.
He was Parson of Gask in 1680 but was removed, by order of the Privy Council in 1690, when he became Factor of Aldie.
On 10th November, 1693, he was evicted for non-juring.
He had Charters of Easter, Wester and Middle Pitteuchar, 1717.
He had the following children:


Laurence died 30/Jan/1720, aged 63.

Jean Lindsay

Lindsay Dowhill armour
Jean was the only daughter of William Lindsay, Bishop of Dunkeld and Catherine Skeen of Hallyards.
She was the relict of James Lindsay of Dow Hill, her cousin, to whom she was married 10/Jun/1703. James died in 1705.
She married Laurence in 1706 at Pow Mill of Aldie.
Jean was styled “Lady Pitteuchar.”
She died Dec/1753 leaving a daughter by her first husband, named Margaret Lindsay, known as “The Proud Eagle.”

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