James Mercer

Burgess of Perth.
Obtained Charters of Clevage as heir to his father and grandfather in 1612 and 1613.
Died before 1625

Helen Oliphant

Sister of Sir James Oliphant of Newton.

James and Helen had the following children:

  • William Mercer of Clevage
  • Laurence Mercer
  • John Mercer (Capt.) Spouse: Not known.
    • David Mercer (b:1648)
  • James Mercer (Burgess of Perth. Colonel.) Spouse: Jean Mercer. Jean may have been the daughter of Robert Mercer and Rebecca (or Rachael) Carmichael.  She is the only person we know of, of this name and suitable age (b:1606), whose husband has not been identified. We do not know for sure. There were a number of marriages between cousins, presumably as they served to keep property within the extended family. However, this marriage should not be confused with that of James Mercer (son of William Mercer and Anne Rollo) and Jean Mercer (daughter of William Mercer and Isobell Gaitts.) James and Jean had these children:
    • William Mercer (b:1654)
    • Helen Mercer (Her father’s executrix.)
  • Robert Mercer
  • Helen Mercer
    • Spouse 1: James Crichton.
    • Spouse 2: Hon. Andrew Rollo, Minister of Dunning.
  • Margaret Mercer Spouse: Laurence Craigie of Kilgraston.

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