James Mercer of Newton of Dalgety & Newton of Forgandenny

James Mercer

Progenitor of the Clevage dynasty which ended with Robert Mercer who died at Perth in 1810. (Charter of Clevage from William Chisholm, Bishop of Dunblane confirmed 1567.)
James was a witness to seizin of Andrew of Meikleour in 1580 and received a Charter for East Dumbullis in 1587.
He died 1588.

Elizabeth Wemyss

Daughter of Patrick Wemyss, minister of Dunbarney and sister of Sir David Wemyss, ancestor of the Earl of Wemyss.

James and Elizabeth had the following children:

  • Laurence Mercer
  • Elspeth Mercer (Spouse: Gilbert Adamson.)
  • Janet Mercer (Spouse: William Hutton of Bellilisk.)
  • James Mercer (Burgess of Perth.)
  • John Mercer
  • Robert Mercer (Minister of Ellon, Aberdeenshire. Died 1638.)
  • Grizell Mercer (m:1605. Spouse: Alexander Donyng of Creiff-vechter)
  • Egidia Mercer (m:1618. Spouse: James Sympson.)

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