Andrew Mercer

On 20/Dec/1563, he received a Charter from his uncle, William Chisholm, Bishop of Dunblane, for Potterhill, near Perth, pending references to the Pope. The Charter was not confirmed until 22/Jan/1566.
Burgess of Perth: 1566 and 18/Jan/1567
In Council: 1569, 1571, 1572, 1573.
Appointed Sheriff-Depute of Perthshire by John, Earl of Montrose on 05/Oct/1585
Died 1597.

Mariot Blackwood

Mariot was the daughter of Adam Blackwood, Merchant Burgess of Perth.

Andrew married Mariot Blackwood on 13/Jun/1562.
They had the following children:

  • William Mercer of Potterhill
  • James Mercer Canon of Dunkeld Cathedral
  • Laurence Mercer Minister of Fossoway
  • Henry (b:1569)
  • Elizabeth “Bessie” Mercer (b:1572)¬† Spouse:Alexander Omay, minister of Moneydie.

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