Laurence Mercer

Mercer armour 1455

Laurence received a Charter for lands of Dunbarney from his father on 19/Nov/1455.
He was granted Safe Conduct by Edward IV on 12/Jun/1463.
Sasins of Faithly and Tyree, 12/Nov/1473.
Married Isobel Wardlaw 14/Jul/1475

  • Henry Mercer Baron of Meikleour
  • Robert Mercer of Newton of Forgandenny
  • Isobel Mercer
  • Margaret Mercer. (Spouse: John Clephane.)
  • Egidia Mercer. (Spouse: Gilbert Gray of Buttergask.)
  • Daughter (Spouse: ___? Sibbald of Rankeillour)

He died in 1501.

Isobel Wardlaw

Wardlaw Torrie armour
Isobel was the daughter of Henry Wardlaw of Torrie. Her great grand uncle was Cardinal Walter Wardlaw and her great uncle was Henry Wardlaw, Bishop of St. Andrews and founder of that University in 1410.
After Laurence’s death she married Patrick Mercer of Inchbrakie in 1504.
Bishop Henry Wardlaw

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