Christian Mercer

Styled “daughter of the Baron of Aldy” in Douglas Baronage.
In 1481 she married Gilbert Skene.

Gilbert Skene of Skene.

8th Laird of Skene.
Charter of Adloth and Tulivale to him and his wife, May/1481.
Died c.1485

Christian and Gilbert Skene were succeeded by:

  • Alexander Skene, 9th Laird of Skene. (b:c.1481. d:1507. Spouse: Agnes Forbes (a descendant of King Robert III))
    • Alexander Skene, 10th Laird of Skene (b:c.1499. d:1517.) Spouse: Elizabeth Black.
      • Alexander Skene, 11th Laird of Skene. (b:1517.)
    • James Skene of Wester Corse (b:c.1505. Purchased estate of Wester Corse, Aberdeenshire. Spouse: Janet Lumsden)
      • Robert Skene, (b:c.1535, of Belhelvie.)
        • David Skene (of the Mill of Potterton.)
      • Gilbert Skene (Physician to James VI)
      • Sir John Skene (of Curriehill. Celebrated lawyer in reign of James VI.)
        • Sir James Skene (1st Baronet, of Curriehill.)
          • Sir John Skene (2nd Baronet, title extinct.)


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