Sir Andrew Mercer

Mercer armour 1455

Sir Andrew was the son of Sir Michael Mercer and Elizabeth Stewart.

He was granted the following Charters

  • 1439: Faithly and Tyree (in Aberdeenshire)
  • 1443: Barony of Meikleour
  • 1451: Kilgraston, Pitcaithly and Lednoch
  • 1455: Dunbarnie
  • He died in 1473

He married Margaret Drummond and had two children:

Margaret Drummond

Drummond Cargill armour

In 1481, eight years after Sir Andrew’s death, Margaret Drummond of Cargill married Duncan Campbell.

The same year she sued Sir Laurence Mercer, her son, for mails due for lands at Dalkeith, Tullibeagles, for eight years.

On 26/Mar/1482, she was decreed not to have terce of lands of Dunbarnie.

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