Some aspects of the Balleif lineage are questionable.  We are therefore doing further research.  If changes are necessary, they will be made as soon as possible.

Robert received a charter from his father, Sir Michael Mercer, for land at Baleve prior to 1440.

He was one of the Barons of Parliament, 1456-7 and appeared as a witness in a Charter dated 03/Oct/1458.

He may have been the father of Walter Mercer, Treasurer of Caithness, who appeared on behalf of Robert Mercer, son and heir of late Robert Mercer of Baleve, and Laurence Mercer of Aldy, to compound for non-entry due from lands of Baleve, 06/Jan/1514-5. Identity of wife unknown.

Robert’s succession is known to have continued with a son, grandson and great grandson all named Robert Mercer. The last died in 1583 and had two sons who predeceased him. On the death of the great grandson, the lands of Baleve reverted to the Lord of Meikleour who granted them to John of Melgins.

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