Sir Michael Mercer

Mercer armour 1455

Michael was born c.1378.

Following the death of his father, Sir Andrew Mercer around 1390, he was in ward to Sir Walter Stewart, Lord of Brechin (the King’s brother.)

On 12th June, 1402 he and his wife received a Charter from King Robert III for annual rents from Fynlater, in Aberdeenshire.

With the consent of his son and heir, Andrew, he granted Charter to his other son, Robert, for lands at Baleif.

He died c.1440.

Elizabeth Stewart

Stuart Durrisdeer armourElizabeth was the daughter of Sir Robert Stewart of Shanbothy and Durisdeer, descendant of the first four High Stewards of Scotland and ancestor of the Stuart Kings.

Sir Robert was killed in 1403 at the Battle of more...

Battle of Shrewsbury took place on 21st July, 1403. The Lancastrian King Henry IV fought a rebel army led by members of the Percy family from Northumberland. Thousands were killed by the hail of longbow arrows which were fired in the first few minutes. The battle is the climax of Shakespeare’s play, Henry IV part 1.

Her great grandfather, John Stuart of Bonhill, was killed at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298.

Elizabeth and Michael were married before 1396, apparently in minority.

They had at least three children

3 thoughts on “Sir Michael Mercer

  • 11/May/2012 at 2:37 am

    My fathers name was Michael Mercer and we come from a Scottish blood line, could this possibly be it?

    • 12/May/2012 at 1:13 pm

      Of course anything is possible but without much more information on your father’s ancestry it is impossible to say.

  • 30/June/2019 at 4:52 am

    Sir Michael Mercer’s wife Elizabeth Stewart is a different person than Princess Elizabeth Stewart 1372-1411 daughter of Annabella Drummond 1350-1401 Queen Consort of Scots?

    It looks like my 8th GG is Thomas Mercer 1647-1718 and Catherine Biggs. Where do I go from here? Someone has connected Thomas to Perth?

    Thank you, Jayson D. Mercer


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