Thomas Mercer, who, in 1300, held land in “Vico Sellatorum” (Saddlers Street) Perth, is the earliest proven ancestor of the Mercers of Aldie.

He was styled “Bonus Homo de Mercer” in a letter sent by the English King Edward III to his Constable of Bordeaux on 28th May, 1341 and in 1354, a charter of further lands in Perth, described him as being the father of John and the grandfather of Andrew.

John and Andrew continued the dynasty known as The Mercers of Aldie, The Black Mercers or Mercers Dhu.

Thomas may also have been the father of Robert Mercer, progenitor of The Mercers of Innerpeffray, The Red Mercers or Mercers Roy, details of whom will be added to this website at a future date.

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