The village is situated in Carnock Parish and on the Carnock Burn. It lies to the north west of Dunfermline.

From “History of Carnock”

  • new school built in 1865/66
  • local teacher from 1877 to 1902 was Henry Anderson

From “History of Dunfermline

  • name Carnock comes from Caer = camp or fort, Knock = hill on which camp built
  • old church built 1602 by Sir George Bruce
  • famous people from Carnock, Sir George Erskine and Rev John Row.

The existing church was built circa 1840.

Carnock Village
Approaching Carnock from the west. The school is on the left just in front of the church.
Carnock Church
Carnock Church
The Old Inn, Carnock.
The Old Inn, Carnock.
All photographs taken 28th October, 2003 – (AG)

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