Alexander Burgess

Alexander Burgess
Given names
MarriageJean DalrympleView this family
9 June 1793
Note: Old Parish Register entry:
Birth of a daughter
Isobel ‘Isabella’ Burgess
Baptism of a daughterIsobel ‘Isabella’ Burgess
21 May 1797
Marriage of a childJames MercerIsobel ‘Isabella’ BurgessView this family
8 January 1825
Birth of a grandson
Andrew Mercer
9 April 1825
Baptism of a grandsonAndrew Mercer
8 May 1825
Birth of a grandson
Alexander Mercer
1 April 1827
Baptism of a grandsonAlexander Mercer
April 1827
Note: Baptised by the Rev Patrick Wright
Birth of a grandson
William Mercer
20 August 1830
Note: In the parish register entry the name Andrew has been written, then crossed out and replaced with William.
Birth of a grandson
James Mercer
21 May 1833
Note: Old Parish Register Details
Baptism of a grandsonJames Mercer
26 May 1833
Death of a wifeJean Dalrymple

Burial of a wifeJean Dalrymple
14 February 1843
Note: OPR mortcloth entry:
Marriage of a grandchildAndrew MercerAgnes DunsyreView this family
6 March 1846
Marriage of a grandchildWilliam MercerAgnes MartinView this family
3 March 1851
Shared note: Marriage Details.
Marriage of a grandchildJames MercerJane HossackView this family
14 January 1861
Note: Marriage Certificate Details
Death of a daughterIsobel ‘Isabella’ Burgess
10 January 187522:00
Death of a grandsonAndrew Mercer
22 June 1878
Cause: Neuralgia and immediate cause of death supposed heart disease - 8 days

Old Parish Register entry: Kennoway, Fife Text: Alexander Burgess and Jean Dalrymple both in this parish were proclaimed.
Marriage record entry: Parish / District Name - Number - Entry / Frame Kennoway / Fife - OPR 434/4 - Fr 821 Text of entry Alexander Burgess and Jean Dalrymple both in this parish were proclaimed.