James Mercer

Only son of William Mercer of Clevage.
1632: Advocate, Burgess of Perth.
1659: Seizin of Dumbullis.
1682: Mentioned in will of Rev. Robert Mercer, Minister of Kennoway.
1684: Mentioned in will of John Mercer of Potterhill.
1691: Witnessed the death of the Master of Rollo.
Died: 1704
Buried at Dunning Church.

Jean Mercer

Jean, born in 1637, was the daughter of William Mercer and Isobell Gaitts, i.e. her husband’s first cousin once removed.

James and Jean had the following children:

  • William Mercer. (b:1654. 1681:Claimant under a bond against Lady Aldie. d:1707. Buried at Dunning Church. Spouse unknown but had a daughter.)
    James Mercer (b:1658)
    Laurence Mercer
    Jean Mercer (d:1697)
    Marie Mercer (b:1656)

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