Some aspects of the Balleif lineage are questionable.  We are therefore doing further research.  If changes are necessary, they will be made as soon as possible.

Robert Mercer

In ward to Sir Henry Mercer of Meikillour, 09/Aug/1505.
Served heir to late Robert Mercer of Balleve in Charter of Heuchfield, 29/Oct/1505.

Robert died in 1510.

Margaret Moncreiffe

Charter 06/Sep/1517, King James V grants to her, as relict of Robert Mercer of Balleif, a tenement belonging to Robert Mercer of Balleif, and held by him of the King, lying in Southgate of Perth, in lieu of £10 lands of Malar, in contentation of her terce due for the last 5 years.

He married Margaret Moncreif and had the following children:

  • Robert Mercer (d:1583)
  • Henry Mercer in Dunfermline. (Charter of Pethewles and Loneside, 11/Nov/1548. Charter of escheat of John Fyne, illegitimate son of Thomas Fyne, 20/Feb/1549-50. Sold Pethewles and Loneside to Thomas Marshall of Petcarne, 10/Jul/1554.) Spouse: Mariot Fyne.

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