Some aspects of the Balleif lineage are questionable.  We are therefore doing further research.  If changes are necessary, they will be made as soon as possible.

Robert Mercer

Signed a Bond of Manrent to Lord Oliphant, c.1468.
Ambassador to the King of the Romans, 13/Oct/1471
Provost of Perth, 1481-1504.
Charter of Barony of Balhousie, 01/Apr and 23/May/1478.
Charter of Mains of Petcarne, 14/Jun/1494.
Charter of one third lands of West Petcarne, 13/Dec/1498.
Charter of Kirktoun and Hiltoun Mallaris, 07/May/1502.
Instrument of Sasine for Heuchfield, 04/Jan/1500-1.
Died 1505.

Margaret Seres

Margaret and her sister, Giles, were co-heirs of Baldwin of Seres, 1478.

Margaret and Robert had the following children:

  • Robert Mercer
  • Elizabeth “Besseta” Mercer. (Charter to her and her husband of lands of Legertlaw, 24/Nov/1520.)
  • Christian Mercer Spouse: Duncan Forbes in Skene, and of Corsindae. 2nd son of 2nd Lord Forbes.

2 thoughts on “Robert Mercer, 2nd of Ballief

  • 10/January/2016 at 1:30 pm

    I am descended from Duncan Forbes of Corsindae and, in trying to find out about his wife, I came across your excellent website. But is there definite evidence that there were two Christian Mercers? “The House of Forbes” (by A & H Tayler, Third Spalding Club, 1937) says the Christian Mercer (“daughter of the laird of Balliel, Provost of Perth”) who married Duncan Forbes was the “widow of Gilbert Skene of Skene”. This seems to be supported by Duncan Forbes’s designation as being “in Skene” before he became “of Corsindae” because Christian had, as her jointure from Gilbert in 1481, two farms in Wester Skene. Any comments welcome. If there was only one Christian, who was the father?
    Regards, Hew

    • 11/January/2016 at 1:35 am

      I have investigated this and have referred to another document “Mercer of Meikleour and Aldie” by Gordon A.C. MacGregor.
      It shows only one Christian Mercer who, married firstly to Gilbert Skene, of that ilk, and had issue; and secondly by 1503 to Duncan Forbes.
      Her father was Andrew Mercer 4th of Meikleour.
      I expect we will be making a correction to our website.


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