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  • 22/February/2015 at 11:26 pm

    SUNDAY, FEB. 22ND, 2015


    HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP ME IN MY SEARCH FOR FAMILY: Looking for Grandmother and her sister NAMES ARE: Born as Jean Mercer
    and her sister was Bessie Mercer (could be born Elizabeth) Looking for their parents names also and the Great Grandmother’s Maiden Name.
    They were brought up in Leith, Scotland, I guess late 1800’s or in the 1900’s.
    I would like to learn date of birth for Jean Mercer and her sister Bessie (Elizabeth) Mercer, date of birth for their Father and their Mother (Maiden Name) and where this Great Grandmother’s family were brought up, born all dates of birth, christening in a Parish Church, where buried etc. Jean Mercer married my Grandfather Adam Harper he was born raised around Balerno/Currie areas south of Edinburgh – would like his date of birth and which town born in – Names of his Harper Parents – his Mother’s Maiden names – dates of when born for all of them – I know the Mother’s Maiden Name for Adam Harper’s Mother was Falconer – need to know if they were also born and raised in Balerno or Currie Areas Need dates of death and where buried for all the Mercer families and all the Harper and Falconer Families where buried and their dates of death. My Father was born James Mercer Harper and was born in an Edinburgh Hospital to his Mother Jean Mercer Harper and Father Adam Harper, James Mercer Harper’s younger brother was Edward Aiken Harper need their dates of birth and I know the whole family moved to Kingston, Ontario, Canada Need the date they all came to Canada – Adam Harper, Jean Mercer Harper, Edward Aiken Harper, and James Mercer Harper. My Father James Mercer Harper after he finished High School in Kingston, Ontario he met and married my Mother Muriel Isobel Gates and they were married in St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Kingston, Ontario would like to get the date they were married. I have the date of birth for my Mother Muriel Isobel Gates as being Jan. 26th, 1913 born at home and baptized I believe in St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh Township, a few miles outside of Kingston, Ontario Like East of Kingston, Ontario. I just need my Father James Mercer Harper’s date of birth and that of his brother Edward Aiken Harper and dates of birth for their parents mentioned above. This would be great if someone has this information and can send it to me Carol Elizabeth Harper Doyle to this email address: cindy.elize@yahoo.com here in Calgary South East, Alberta, Canada. Thank you so much for anyone who can provide me information on the Mercer, Harper, and Falconer families and if any relations are still living there now that I could communicate with.
    From Mrs. Carol Elizabeth Harper Doyle (a Canadian who was born and brought up in Kingston, Ontario and last 6 years live now in Calgary, Alberta.

    • 28/February/2015 at 5:22 am

      I have some information on this line and will email Carol direct.

  • 30/October/2015 at 5:10 pm

    i am trying to find a Sir Andrew Mercer who was born circa 1706 and married Margaret Mercer (Pringle) circa 1706

  • 28/December/2015 at 11:14 pm

    I’ve been trying to find out where in Scotland my Great Grandfather Edward Mercer (1704-1763) was born and when he was wed. He died in Winchester, VA in 1763 and I have his will and other information about him but no solid Scottish information. There are secondary evidences about our family line being related to the Rose Hearty, Aberdeen Shire Mercers where General Hugh Mercer was born and where his father, a minister, was buried. General Mercer was a surgeon and a Revolutionary War hero for winning the Battle of Princeton, New Jersey. I have an excellent biography of him and it states that neighbors of his were the Pattons from whom Gen. George Patton was descended and now is buried in Luxembourg City’s American Cemetery.

    I joined the Historical Society of Aberdeen Shire hoping to get some help finding Great Grandfather Edward Mercer’s birthplace and/or information about his first marriage in Scotland. His second wife was in my family branch and was pregnant with Aaron Mercer who was born in Ireland (probably North Ireland). He was a Captain in the VA Militia whose job was overseeing British and Hessian POWs. He later received free land in Ohio and ended up there where he died in Cincinnati in 1803. I have his will and a copy of his gravestone in the Cincinnati Baptist Colonial Hero cemetery. The will is handwritten and is interesting because it has elaborate listing of all assets albeit small and scarcely worth more than a penny or two.

  • 28/September/2017 at 1:46 pm

    I have been searching for any information on my paternal Grandfather, with little luck. I was hoping that you may be able to provide me with some direction. His birth details are as follows.
    Andrew Mercer
    Born: Dec 26 1885 In: 72 McKinlay St, .Parish of Renford, Glasgow, Scotland

    His father was George Mercer and His mother, Annie C R Mercer (born Rodger) .

    Up until close to the end of WW1 he had served in the Australian AIF. as a machine gunner. His army record shows that he had gone AWOL (again). The story given to me as a young boy was that he went missing from the ship returning soldiers to Australia. To date I have been unable to locate any record of the time after his disappearance.

    Any assistance would be greatfully accepted.

  • 14/February/2018 at 5:27 pm

    looking for a gilbert mercer born abt 1518 scotland. He would be my 11th great grandfather..hope you can help..thanks in advance…Judi Hamilton-Green


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